Take time to do what makes your soul happy

Be Strong. Be Flexible. Be Peaceful.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

If you think about deepening your knowledge of the science of yoga and unfolding your personal potential, you are exactly right here. A training that will lead you to your SELF at the most amazing spots on our planet.

Healing Meditations

Reconnective Healing® leads your whole personal being into balance and opens your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential.

osteopathie & cranio

Osteopathie & Cranio

In Osteopathy as well as in Yoga we solve tension chains. By practicing precise alignement you can continue working with a program tailored to your needs at home.

Yoga auf Instagram

Interview mit BIORAMA über Instagram und was mit der Spiritualität passiert

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Vielen Dank an  Anika Suck von Biorama für das nette Gespräch und die Gedanken zum Weltyogatag. Der 21.…

Yoga starts when you step off the mat

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Or: 3 ways to practice yoga on the mat AND in everyday life I have been teaching yoga…

sattva balace norway fjord Birgit Gauriananda

Balance into Sattva – Be the best version of yourself!

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As a kid, I loved to sing. I completely stopped doing it when I was a teenager though.…

shadow work - find the light

Always look on the dark side of light - Shadow

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Learn to love the shadows of light “Like the sundial, count the beautiful hours only.” I read this…